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A lot of Bodacious Coffee personnel used to be café operators with decades of experience collectively behind them. We understand the level of support café businesses require and understand the importance of such support.

In addition to consistently great coffees, Bodacious Coffee can support customers in their coffee journey. From advisory services, barista training to coffee education, we are more than happy to assist in our customers coffee business growth.

Whether you are a distributor or operate a cafe, contact us to discuss how we can help as your coffee partners!

Freshly Brewed Coffee


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This wholesale model is designed to work with smaller, regularly congregating groups of people, such as school networks, local sports clubs and membership clubs.

Bodacious Coffee will give each club/group the option to either receive:

  • Exclusive member discounts off all coffee and beverage products.
  • A sum of the proceeds of club/group sales donated back to the given club/group.
  • A sum of the proceeds of club/group sales donated to a charitable organisation of their choice.