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Justine Metcalf

Who are we?

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Bodacious is a 100% Melbourne owned coffee and beverage brand supported by more than a combined 40 years of coffee roasting and product development experience. Bodacious Coffee was established in 2017 with the aim of creating and providing the Australian public with an extensive range of high quality, unique products reflective of Melbourne’s proud coffee culture. Essentially – to experience Melbourne coffee! Our beans are sourced and blended by World Barista Judge, Justin Metcalf, who has over 10 years experience judging at top levels internationally, and has been in the coffee industry over 25 years. Justin’s expertise is supported by Duncan Jamieson, a highly-experienced food scientist, with degrees in Applied Science & Marketing. Together, they have built a truly innovative and unique coffee company – Bodacious Coffee.

Our History…

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Having been part of the global coffee industry and heavily involved in food science, development and manufacturing since 1991, we embarked on the project of building a state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility in 2012. Combining our love, passion and vast knowledge of coffee with our expertise in manufacturing, we started to source, roast, package and dispatch coffees for other companies, organisations and brands, with the aim of becoming Australia’s preferred coffee roasting partner to those who value their own brand and understand the importance of providing consistently great quality coffee. Having built an open and trusting relationship with our contract roasting clients, we declared our idea to realise our vision of our very own coffee brand, which was subsequently supported and encouraged by our customers. Thus, Bodacious Coffee was born. So, why the name ‘Bodacious’? As a coffee-lovers, we are tired and bored of the tagline ‘Specialty Coffee’ which has become so ubiquitously used by other coffee companies, giving rise to the false impression that a coffee has to be classified as ‘Specialty’ to be enjoyable, and thus warrant the often inflated prices these coffees often carry. With our experience, we know this is not the case and great coffee blends can be formulated with skilful blending and roasting techniques. Therefore, we decided to be BOLD, we will let our customers be the judge of our coffees – after all who needs the tagline ‘Specialty Coffee’ when we can let the superb quality of our blends speak for themselves? However, this was not enough for us. Great coffee is one thing, but we want to cater for everyone. Ergo, we decided to formulate our dry mixes range and be AUDACIOUS with them, creating novel dry mixes such as the Sakura Cherry Blossom and the Butterfly Chai, in addition to the already premium range we have.
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Local Community Organization

Supporting the community

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Bodacious Coffee recognises the importance of giving back to the communities that work so hard to harvest and grow our coffee. With every Bodacious product purchased, we aim to donate a percentage of profits back into programs that support the farmers, their families, and the environment. We also work with a range of local community organisations, with a range of charitable causes that fit with our values.