Our ‘Coffee Bundle’ is available now for just $60!
The bundle contains our signature 1kg coffee blends;

  • Pure Cafe
  • Pure Fairtrade
  • Pure Arabica

Bodacious Coffee Bundle

  • Our 'Coffee Bundle' contains our three signature coffee blends:


    1 x 1kg Pure Cafe Coffee Beans

    • A rich and sensuous blend of coffees from South-East Asia, Eastern Africa and South America. This blend has a deep, dark and smooth flavour profile, yet finishes with a clean palate. It defines our bold nature and delivers a coffee with broad characteristics.

    1 x 1kg Pure Arabica Coffee Beans

    • A delicious and complex blend of 100% arabica multi-origin coffees from Eastern Africa and South America. This blend presents a bright and full aroma, depth of flavour and is smooth on the palate. It has been crafted to deliver a great coffee experience with a balanced sweetness and light fruit acidity. 

    1 x 1kg Pure Fairtrade Coffee Beans

    • A blend of premium Fairtrade arabica coffees derived from  Central & South America and Eastern Africa. Characterised by its brightness, complex flavour notes and mouth-watering aroma, this is a coffee suited to a fine and discerning palate. Whether as an espresso, drip filter or percolated coffee, our Pure Fairtrade blend will deliver an exceptional cup.