Boadacious Coffee

Our Roastery

Bodacious Coffee Roastery

At Bodacious, we manage the balance of science and art in coffee production and ensure that sound green coffee sourcing, production practices and philosophies form the basis of our expert roasters’ skill. In conjunction with the use of the highest quality roasting systems, our roasters are able to make their judgment on the perfect roasting conditions and end-points.

As proud Melbourne coffee brand, we take pride in the quality of coffee we roast. With every roasted batch being analysed for overall organoleptic, pH and water activity we have absolute confidence in everything we produce. This is our guarantee – consistency in every roast, Our customers deserve no less!

With that, Bodacious Coffee has a very simple philosophy; which is to create high quality range of coffees and products catering for everyone. All at a great price.

a roastery machine
roasting coffee bean

Our Culture

First and foremost, we have aimed to create a workplace culture that employees enjoy being a part of. We want all of our employees to be excited to be a part of our company and team, and excited to come to work with us everyday. Our employees are able to be involved in decision making, and keeping our customers satisfied. We are lucky to have such high quality, intelligent staff that are motivated to do their best and enthusiastic about keeping customers satisfied. Our employee satisfaction is reflected by the products that they produce, the quality of the coffee beans, packaging and logistics. We encourage and strive for our employees to be comfortable in the Bodacious environment, as it benefits themselves, the quality of work they produce and ultimately our customers.

Our Roasting Systems

Proaster Coffee Roasters

We proudly use Proaster coffee roasting systems. Manufactured in South Korea to an extremely high standard, these state-of-the-art roasting systems achieve excellent consistency and achieve superior economies in production. Through great design and engineering, the conservation and efficient use of heat energy ultimately delivers better results in quality and consistency of roasting.. Bodacious Coffee is the first in Melbourne to use the Proaster coffee roasting system.

Cup of Coffee Bag and Scoop on Old Rusty Backround