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HopeBuilders International is an Australian organisation that operates with the aim to "break the cycle of poverty". HopeBuilders International was established in 2007 and by 2008, they had raised enough funds to purchase four acres of land in Uganda, on which they would build their Village of Hope. Uganda HopeBuilders International was then established, a charitable organisation and NGO in Uganda.


HopeBuilders International continue to undertake new projects, this is assisted by the generosity of donations. At Bodacious Coffee we provide HopeBuilders International with our Coffee and Beverage products at discounted prices, as well as making significant contributions from product sales to the HopeBuilders organisation.

Find out more about HopeBuilders International here:


World Animal Protection promotes awareness of the plight of many creatures that are abused and poorly treated. Further, and often at great risk to their own people, they lobby and fight for an end to specific practices. One which is dear to our heart is the abuse of Civet "cats" in the production of "Kopi luwak". This is an unnatural and contrived product, created to take advantage of coffee drinkers' curiosity. These poor animals suffer greatly to support its production. Coffee drinkers should be made aware that coffee is NOT naturally a significant part of a Civet's diet.


Sumatran Tiger Trust works tirelessly to protect tiger populations and their habitat on the island of Sumatra (in Indonesia). Whilst we love Sumatran coffee, we must ensure that its production represents the survival of such a great, yet threatened, species rather than its destruction. The Sumatran Tiger Trust works at ground level to assist coffee growing communities to manage their impact on tiger habitat, and to respect and nurture local tiger populations.

For every kilogram of Sumatran Tiger Trust green coffee we purchase, a royalty is paid directly to the foundation which supports Tiger conservation programs in Sumatra. For every kilogram of our roasted coffee that you buy, we make a direct payment contribution into Tiger conservation programs in Sumatra, India, Myanmar or wherever our help is most needed.


The Fairtrade organisation raises awareness of bonded labour and unfair treatment of workers and growers in coffee and cocoa communities, and serves to improve financial returns and standards of living for farmers.

Great coffee and cocoa is a luxury, and we certainly enjoy bringing it to you. However we do not accept that the world, its people, its animals and its environment should be worse as a result. Each charitable organisation that we have chosen to support links, either directly or indirectly, to the sourcing of coffee and cocoa. These organisations include;

Why These Charities?

Every Bodacious Coffee product contributes valuable funds to causes that we regard as being important. Whether these are humanitarian, ecological or environmental, there is always a way that we can help to make the world better or improve situations for people, animals or the

By purchasing your Bodacious product of choice, you can help too. We aim to be very transparent and traceable in our contributions. We intend to prove to our customers the value that they have delivered back into the worlds of those who need and deserve our support and assistance. To find out more, please take a closer look at the cause links below, or view the product pages on our website to see how they individually relate to particular causes.

The scenes below are sadly real, and unfortunately seem to be accepted and acceptable unless we all stand and make our objection loud and clear. Thankfully when we do, there are organisations that go the extra yard to fight for the cause. We aim to help.

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